Friday, November 15, 2013

10 things Filipinos shouldn't be doing on social networks

1.Don’t say people in the Visayas region deserve it.

2.Don’t keep posting food photos.

3.Don’t say, “The survivors should be thankful.”

4.Don’t say, “The Philippines deserves the privilege of experiencing a strong typhoon because they’re a strong nation.”

5.Don’t say, “It’s okay, the Philippines will be fine.”

6.Don’t brag about your expensive brand new gadget.

7.Don’t say you have nothing to donate.

8.Don’t stop at giving to charity.

9.Don’t keep posting selfies.

10.Lastly, don’t miss out on the chance to do something USEFUL with your social networks. 

Get your friends to donate – and ask them to do so responsibly. Spread the word about the tragedy in the Philippines. Join the campaign to ask Philippine TV to cover the tragedy instead of just airing variety shows.


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Smart Users of BlackBerry Z10

This year, intense rivalry for control of the global smartphone market has manifested itself in a wave of new handset releases that promise to make user experience even more satisfying and efficient. Among the latest devices to take the market by storm is the BlackBerry Z10, the first phone to run on the brand new BlackBerry 10 operatingsystem. BlackBerry released the new operating system and handset in response to consumer complaints that the company’s handsets were lagging behind competitors like Samsung and Apple in meeting user needs. Many key upgrades have been made to the BlackBerry OS and its flagship device, which includes a faster processor, better camera, improved app support, and, for the first time in history, a touchscreen keyboard. Let’s take a closer look at consumer reception of the Z10 to see if BlackBerry’s efforts to rebrand itself have paid off.

The Best of BlackBerry Z10

The Z10 launched in the Philippines in March of this year, just two months behind its release in the U.S. and the UK. As such, consumers have already had several months to test out the device and report back about its strengths and weaknesses. A survey conducted by CrackBerry revealed that of the Z10’s new features, users were most satisfied with the new BlackBerry 10 Hub and web browsing experiences. The upgraded Hub allows users to receive notifications across their email, SMS, and social media accounts and to filter those notifications according to preference. The best part is that users don’t even have to leave their current application when the red light on their Z10 begins to flash: instead, they can “peek” at the Hub with a simple swipe to assess whether or not the message is important. 

Z10 users also reported high satisfaction with the display quality on their new handset. Packing in a 1280 x 768 resolution at 356 ppi, the Z10 actually offers a better resolution than the new iPhone 5s. The new touchscreen technology on the Z10 has also been getting good marks from users, with about 90% of users agreeing that they were “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with the new technology.

The Battle for Global Market Share

While users seem to be very pleased with what the Z10 has to offer, regaining global market share has been an uphill struggle for BlackBerry. Despite enjoying moderate success in the UK, US, and Indonesian markets, BlackBerry accounted for just 2.7% of the global market share in Q2 2013, according to the latest stats from Gartner. While some consumers may be buying new handsets from Samsung and Apple out of loyalty, one point to consider is that BlackBerry Z10 price is much lower than these devices while offering the same caliber of performance and functionality. Check it out to see firsthand what all of the fuss is about.

Writer: Lenny Marlina (Nina Lia) - (

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

An early gift from my wifey!

Surprised last night when my wifey and I watch on a movie. When I arrived at the mall parking she told me to ate first because she was so hungry already. Then when we finished that meal, she asked me to see some goods stuff at the department store as she saw some "SALE ITEMS" on that area.

Then I agreed with her. She knew how I love to have a sporty watch like TIMEX. We look for a nice watch not knowing that she is ready to buy it when I said I like it.

Sweet wifey! She told me that she will buy it for my early birthday gift! Woahhhhhhh! I love it! An early gift from my wife was the sweetest gift I wish to have on my birthday this year.

Again I thank my wife (Mhay) for the surprise and early birthday gift. Surely I will wear this everytime and will take good care of it till it lasts.

I love you mahmine! mwah!

Here the specs:

Timex Ironman 30-Lap

  • ITEM # - T531519J

Special Features:
  • INDIGLO® Night-Light with Night-Mode
  • 100-Hour Chronograph with Lap and Split Times
  • 30-Lap Memory Recall
  • On-the-Fly Lap or Split Recall
  • 99-Lap Counter
  • 24-Hour Countdown Timer with Stop and Repeat

The iconic Ironman 30-Lap provides indispensable functions for athletes at any level. The classic styling is rooted deep in Ironman tradition, but updated with new functionality, design features and materials. Color updates keep the essential 30-Lap a favorite this year and beyond.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Online Tickets Problem?

All of us wanted to have an easier ticket. Whether falling in line on the counter or to have it easy online. As I am concern, I always wanted to have my tickets purchased online like ultimate fighting championship tickets,
cirque du soleil tickets, jersey boys tickets. 

I always make sure to get the greatest tickets I ever wanted to watch every time. I happy to have it the easiest ways.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Bonding

Spending my first time "Fathers Day" with my girls Mhay and Bela. I was overwhelmed how it feels to celebrate the father's day but I promise, nothing can compares. 

I love you my 2 girls in life! I love you my wife and I love you my unica hija Bela! =)
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